Ultrasound International Webinar series – IVA

UltraSound Imaging Webinar
Ultrasound is a non-invasive method of imaging of internal structures which includes the abdomen, thorax (heart), etc. Ultrasound can be used to guide biopsies and centesis needles for retrieval of small volume samples or close to vital structures, such as mediastinal masses. Ultrasound can be used in unanesthetized and non-sedated animals, reducing the need for ...
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Join ICAR AIEEA 2020 Crackers

Join ICAR AIEEA 2020 Crackers Icar Aieea veterinary sciences Pg Exam Webinar (Links will be working after 5:59 PM on 20-02-2021)
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VET NAU Webinar Summary All Presentions

Vet Nau Webinars collection, Vet Nau Webinar 1, Vet Nau Webinar 2 , Vet Nau Webinar 3, Vet Nau Webinar 4, etc
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📣📣📣#animals_lifescanner presents exclusive live Webinar on " Basics of Wildlife Rescue, Management And Rehabilitation. 🐆🐗🐘🏞️🐯🦁🦍🥦🦏🥦 . It's all about ignite your mind in Basics of wildlife. No any data will be share. ( it's Confidential & under wildlife act.) . It's Worthful to Attend this Webinar, definitely you will learn new things or updated in Basic wildlife. So, remain in the whole webinar for no any queries. Fill the registration form ➡️ Must attend ➡️ Share it ➡️ Remind it. #stay_tuned #stay_updated 🔔#SAVE_THE_DATE & TIME. _____All further Details are send you through email after the registration in between 1or 2 days. For Any queries, contact through e-mail or contact no : 7990461535 or DM any time. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy! Thanks and regards to all . . Link :- https://forms.gle/C9y4hwr33zjjvvWn8 For more info. Vet updates go through instagram link :- https://instagram.com/animals_lifescanner?igshid=qzgpuclrosdk
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Bovine Mastitis and its Management

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Clinical cases in Large Animal practice- Fast track discussion

Clinical cases in Large Animal practice
Cow Care Pharma Cordially invites you to to Join Webinar On Clinical Cases In Large Animal Practice Fast Track Discussion
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