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Animal Biotechnology

Recombinant DNA Technology ppt

Applications of rDNA tech and Molecular and Biotechnological techniques and finger print ppt

PCR Blotting Bioinformatics gene bank sequencing ppt

Vaccinolog ppt

Animal Genetics and Breeding

Selection of the basis of progeny performance (Progeny test)

Practical No. 3 Estimation of correlated response to selection

Introduction to Animal Breeding

Sire Index

Unit-III Methods of Selection

Unit-III Practical 2 Computation of Generation Interval and Expected Genetic Gain

Unit-III Practical 4 Estimation of EPA/ MPPA

AGB Online Test 01

Audio lecture on Methods of Selection

Animal Nutrition

Important objective questions on mineral nutrition

Calculation of Nutrient requirement and balanced diets for Dog

Nutrient Requirement and Feeding Schedule for Livestock and Poultry

Calculation of Nutrient Requirements and Formulation of Ration for Goat

Nutrient Requirement and Feed Formulations for laboratory Animals

Equations for calculating daily requirements of horses

Formulation of ration for swine

Formulation of ration for poultry

II Formulation of ration for poultry

Formulation of ration for cattle and buffalo

Standard Guidelines for Feeding of Captive Animals in Indian Zoos General guidelines for feeding of herbivores

Calculation of ME and Protein Requirements for Poultry

Calculation of Nutrient Requirement for Cattle and buffaloes (Factorial Method)

Feeding of poultry – Chapter –I Feed ingredients

Feeding of poultry – Chapter –II Digestion and Metabolism in Poultry

Feeding of poultry – Chapter –III Role of Mineral and Vitamins

Feeding of poultry – Chapter –IV Nutrient requirement and feeding standard

Feeding of poultry –Chapter-V Broiler nutrition

Feeding of poultry –Chapter- VI Layer nutrition

Feeding of poultry –Chapter-V Duck nutrition

Dairy Cattle feeding ppt

Feeding Cattle and Buffalo ppt

Feeding-high yielder ppt

Feeding of Calves ppt

Feeding of Sheep and Goat ppt

Feeding Standard ppt

Scientific feeding and Digestibility ppt

Sheep ppt

Audio lecture on Horse nutrition

Cat and Dog Nutrition ppt

Feeding of horses ppt

Feeding of Pigs ppt

Feeding of Wild Animals ppt

Feeds and Feeding of Zoo Animals ppt

Poultry Nutrition ppt

Animal Nutrition and Feeds ppt

Antinutritional factors ppt

Classification of feedstuffs ppt

Evaluation of energy ppt

Feed additives ppt

Feed processing ppt

Feed Technology ppt

Improvement of poor quality roughages ppt

Metabolism in dairy animals ppt

Minerals in Nutrition, their General functions and Classification ppt

Nutritional terminology ppt

Protein evaluation ppt

Silage ppt

Urea Feeding ppt

Vitamins ppt

Bypass Nutrients

Objective questions on Poultry Nutrition

Fishery Science

L1 Vaccines ppt

L2 Immunostimulation ppt

L3 Quarantine and health certification in aquaculture ppt

Livestock Product Technology

Ageing of Meat ppt

By-Products of the meat industry ppt

Carcass evaluation and meat grading ppt

Concept of HACCP ppt

Post-Mortem Examination ppt

Development of butter ppt

Cleaning and sanitizing of milk processing equipment

Development of ghee ppt

Good manufacturing practices (GMP) ppt

Development of ice-cream ppt

Milk composition and its constituents

Food Packaging ppt

Structure of muscle ppt

Nutritive value of meat ppt

Preservation of meats -1 ppt

Preservation 2 ppt

Preservation 3 ppt

Preservation 4 ppt

Preservation 5 ppt

Carcass evaluation and meat grading ppt

Cleaning and sanitizing of milk processing equipment

Communication process and communication method

Fraudulent substitution of meat and its recognition

Meat packaging ppt

Formulation and development of meat and meat products ppt

 Livestock Production Management

Farm Labor Management ppt

Draught animals and Draught ability ppt

Importance of Goat ppt

Goat Farming, Feeding and Housing ppt

Impurities in wool ppt

Use of Computer in Poultry

Maize ppt

Pasture and grass land management ppt

Sorghum ppt

Score card method of selection and judgment of animal

Manual of unit 8

Loose housing system and modern dairy farm ppt

Back yard Farming ppt

Bio security of poultry production ppt

Wild carnivorous ppt

Wild non ruminants ppt

Housing of wild animals ppt

Mock Test

Poultry Nutrition ppt

Breeding Technique in pig ppt

Housing System of poultry ppt

Breeds of Poultry ppt

Elephent ppt

Incubation/hacthing of egg ppt

Pet Birds ppt

Care and management of piglets from birth to weaning

Different Fibre of Livestock ppt

Laboratory Animal Production and Management ppt

Video lecture on Summer Sub Fertility in Buffaloes” by Dr.Nanavati

Audio lecture on Care and management of new born calf

Audio lecture on Method of Milking

Breeds of swine ppt

Introduction of swine ppt

Terminology ppt

Bio-Security of Dairy Farm ppt

Breeds of Dairy Livestock ppt

Clean Milk Production ppt

Disposal of Carcass ppt

Feed and water of livestock ppt

Handling Cattle and Buffaloes ppt

Identification of Dairy Livestock diseases ppt

Identification of livestock ppt

Vaccination ppt

Body colours of horses ppt

Breeds of Equine ppt

Laboratory animals ppt

Division of Laboratory Animal ppt

Markings of horses ppt

Cat (Falis domesticus) ppt

Animal Farm Accounts and Records ppt

Mice (Mus muscularis) ppt

Parts of egg ppt

Terminology of Poultry ppt

Housing of Laboratory Aminals ppt

Rat (Rattus novergicus) ppt

Yak ppt

Brooding of Chick ppt

Camel ppt

Mithun ppt

Housing of poultry ppt

The housing of pigs ppt

Piglet rearing ppt

Diseases of Swine and their prevention ppt

Park ppt

Poultry Waste Management ppt

Introduction of Rabbit ppt

Berseem ppt

Hay ppt

Silage ppt

Dog ppt

Farm Record and Farm Account ppt

Management of Rabbit ppt

Veterinary Anatomy and Histology

General Embryology ppt

Female Reproductive System

Male Reproductive System

Small intestine

Audio lecture on Reticulo Endothelial System or Macrophage system

Audio clip on Brachial Plexus

Audio clip on Meninges of Brain and Spinal cord

Introduction to Endocrine gland ppt

Anatomy of Endocrine system ppt

Video lecture on Histology of Digestive system Part I by Dr. S. K. Karmore

Large intestine ppt

Development of genital system ppt

Development of urinary system ppt

Histology of Male Reproductive System ppt

Histology of Female Reproductive System ppt

Histology of urinary system ppt

Veterinary Biochemistry

UNIT-III: Veterinary Analytical Biochemistry

Enzymology ppt

Lecture-1 Ketoacidosis, Bovine Ketosis, Ovine Pregnancy Toxemia

Lecture-2 Hormonal control of carbohydrate metabolism and Clinical Significance of Blood glucose

Lecture-3 LFTs

Lecture-4 KFTs and serum biochemical value references

Lecture-5 Biochemical aspects of digestive disorders and Pancreatic function tests

Lecture-6 Disturbance in rumen function

Lecture-7 Digestive disorders in non-ruminant

Lecture-8 Regulation of acid-base balance

Lecture-9 Acid-base balance disturbances

Lecture-10 Plasma proteins and their clinical significance

Lecture-11 Acute Phase Proteins (APPs)

Lecture-12 Enzymes of diagnostic values

Lecture-13 Metabolism of Xenobiotics and Cytochrome p450 system

Veterinary Extension Education

Extension teaching method

Livestock Entrepreneurship Lecture I ppt

Information & Communication Technology Lecture I ppt

Information & Communication Technology Lecture II ppt

Livestock Economics and Marketing

Operation Flood ppt

Veterinary Gynaecology and Obstetrics

Mummification, maceration and pyrometer in bovine ppt

Dropsical conditions of fetal membranes and fetus ppt

Obstetrical Operations, Dystocia due to Presentation, Position & Posture, Dealing and treatments

Dystocia due to Presentation, Position & Posture

Dystocia cause

Video clip class Gynaecology 1


Fetotomy Operations

Uterine Prolapse in Cows

Veterinary Medicine

Diseases caused by clostridium sp.- pathogenesis, treatment, prevention and control of tetanus

Audio clip on Rabies lecture

Audio clip on Swine fever lecture

Video clip on Diabetes mellitus by Dr. Hemant Mehta

Classical Swine Fever

Collection of samples for lab diagnosis – Part I

Collection of samples bact. & Viral dis Part II

Collection of samples for lab diagnosis – Part III


Pregnancy Toxaemia

Examination of living and dead animals in criminal cases

Milk Fever ppt

Veterinary Microbiology

Immune Mechanisms against Pathogens ppt

Hypersensitivity ppt

Autoimmunity and Autoimmune Diseases ppt

Serological Techniques – I (Secondary Binding Tests) ppt

Serological Techniques – II (Primary Binding Tests) ppt

Theories of Antibody Formation ppt

Hybridoma Technology and Monoclonal Antibodies ppt

Theories of Antibodies Production ppt

Humoral Immunity (Nature, Mechanisms and Kinetics) ppt

Cell-Mediated Immunity ppt

Immunoglobulins ppt

Antigen Processing and Presentation ppt

Cultivation of Bacteria ppt

Asfarvirid: Africasn Swine Fever ppt

Anti-Microbial Resistance ppt

Complement System ppt

Bacterial Genetics (Mutation & Recombination) ppt

Bacterial Pathogenesis ppt

Exercise 1 – Filtration techniques for separation of viruses

Exercise 2 – Isolation of virus by embryonated egg inoculation

Exercise 3 – Viral inoculums preparation and isolation of virus by animal inoculation

Exercise 4 – Isolation of virus by cell culture

Exercise 2 – Viral inoculums preparation and isolation of virus by animal inoculation ppt

Exercise 3 – Candling of eggs ppt

Exercise 5 – Preparation of chicken fibroblast primary cell culture ppt

Exercise 6 – Counting of total viable cells in MDBK cell suspension ppt

Exercise 7 – Growth and maintenance of BHK-21 cell line ppt

Audio lecture on Prions

Immunoelectrophoresis test

Cells of Immunity – I ( Innate cells)

Cells of Immunity – II (Adaptive-APCs)

Cells of Immunity – III (Adaptive-Lymphocyte)

Introduction to Immunity

Timeline of Immunology



Hybridization methods / Nucleic acid hybridization (NAH)

Introduction and History of Bacteriology

Types of Immunity

Bacterial Classification and Nomenclature

Antigens, Haptens, Superantigen, T-dependent and independent antigen

The Three Domains-an overview

Virus cell interactions

Audio lecture on Bacterial Growth Curve

Audio lecture on Innate vs Adaptive Immunity

1. Introduction to Fungi ppt

2. Reproduction in Fungi ppt

3. Sexual reproduction in Fungi ppt

4. Candida ppt

5. Cryptococcus ppt

6. Aspergillus ppt

8a Dimorphic fungi ppt

8b Zygomycetes ppt

8c Rhinosporidium ppt

8d Sporotrichum ppt

9a Penicillium ppt

9b Mycotic mastitis ppt

9c Mycotic abortion ppt

Dermatophytes ppt

Malassezia ppt

Mycetoma ppt

Mycotoxins ppt

Mycotoxicosis ppt

Practical 1

Practical 2

History, General properties & Classification of Virus ppt

Replication of Virus ppt

Structure of Virus ppt

Audio lecture on Types of Adaptive Immunity

Audio lecture on What are Haptens

Audio lecture on Neutralizing antibodies

Audio lecture on New castle disease

Audio lecture on Staphylococcus bacteria

California mastitis test ppt

Techniques of Virus cultivation

Antigen II ppt

Microscopy Micrometry ppt

Shape size and arrangement of bacteria ppt

IBD ppt

Adenoviridae ppt

Birnaviridae ppt

Canine-Distemper and PPR ppt

Paramyxoviridae: Newcastle -Disease ppt

Cytokines ppt

MHC Antigens ppt

Stains and staining ppt

Bacterial Capsule ppt

Bacterial cell membrane ppt

Bacterial Cell Wall ppt

Bacterial Fimbriae ppt

Bacterial Flagella ppt

CD Antigens ppt

Innate Immunity ppt

Bacterial Cytoplasm and Cell Organelles ppt

Bacterial Endospores ppt

Organs of Immunity ppt

Brucellosis ppt

Listeriosis ppt

Duck Hepatitis Virus ppt



Rabies pdf


Bacterial Growth ppt

Factors Affecting Bacterial Growth ppt

Veterinary Entomology and Acarology

Family Muscidae

Family Calliphoridae and Sarcophagidae

Family Gasterophilidae

Family Oestridae


Family Hippoboscidae

Bugs and Flea

Hard Ticks ppt

Soft Ticks ppt

Hard Ticks

Soft Ticks

General Veterinary Parasitology

Introduction of Parasitology & its importance in Veterinary Curriculum

Type of Parasites

Host & Different Types of Host

Topic Animal Association

Broad Classification and Nomenclature of Parasites

General Morphology

General Life Cycle of Digenetic Trematodes

Veterinary Protozoology

Lecture 1 Introduction to Veterinary Protozoology

Lecture 2 Introduction to Veterinary Protozoology

Lecture 3 History of Protozoan Parasites

Lecture 4 Classification of Protozoa

Lecture 5 Sarcomastigophora

Lecture 6 Trypanosoma evansi

Lecture 7 Other Trypanosomes


Order: Diplomonadida (Hexamita and Giardia)

Family: Trichomonadidae


Apicomplexa: Coccidia

Audio clip on Genus Demodex

Audio clip on Difference between Soft tick and Hard tick

Audio clip on Definition of one host, two host and three-host ticks

Audio lecture on Introduction to Veterinary Protozoology

Audio lecture on Entamoeba

Histomonas sp.

Coccidiosis in Poultry ppt

Coccidiosis in other poultry birds

Coccidiosis in Cattle and buffaloes

Coccidiosis in Goat and sheep

Coccidiosis in other animals

Ehrlichiosis ppt

Anaplasmosis ppt

Balantidium coli infection ppt

Babesia ppt

Theileria ppt

Leucocytozoon ppt

Toxoplasma gondii ppt

Mock Test

Neosporosis ppt

Cryptosporidium ppt

Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology

Cyanide poisoning

General diagnosis and treatment of toxicity

Lead poisoning/toxicity

Copper toxicity/poisoning

Arsenic toxicity/poisoning

Video lecture on Selenium Toxicity in Animals Part I

Video lecture on Selenium Toxicity in Animals Part II

Anti Protozoan Agents ppt

Anti Fungal Drugs ppt

Classification of Antimicrobial agents ppt

Cardio Vascular System





Antiseptic Disinfectant

Arsenic toxicity

Mercury poisoning

Molybdenum toxicity

Nitrate and nitrite poisoning

Veterinary Physiology

The Kidney, Homeostasis & Water Balance ppt

Osmolarity and Osmotic Balance ppt

The Mammalian Kidney ppt

Blood Composition ppt

Hematologic System, Oncologic Disorders & Anemias ppt

Lecture 1 Introduction to Endocrine System

Lecture 2 History and Classification of hormone

Lecture 3 Pattern transport and receptor

Lecture 4 Hypothalamus harmones

Lecture 5 Pituitary hormones

Lecture 6 Thyroid hormones

Lecture 7 Pancreatic hormones

Lecture 8 Adrenal gland hormones

Lecture 9 Pineal & thymus hormones

Lecture 10 Kidney & GI tract hormones

Lecture 11 Prostaglandins

Lecture: Lactation, Growth and Environment

Veterinary Public Health

Ecosystem Scope and importance, Components structure and functions

Biodiversity: uses, threats and conservation

Natural resources: types, uses and abuses

Zoonoses Terminologies ppt

Transmission of zoonoses ppt

Classification of Zoonoses ppt

Role of animals in the transmission of zoonoses ppt

Occupational zoonoses ppt

Impact of zoonoses on human health and economy ppt

Emergence or re-emergence of zoonoses ppt

Principles of control of zoonoses ppt

Audio lecture on Control and Eradication of Diseases

Audio lecture on Investigation of an epidemic

Audio lecture on Economics of disease

Audio lecture on Sources of epidemiological data

Audio lecture on Sampling

Hygienic and safe milk production practices

Methods of preservation of meat

Principles and concepts of food hygiene and safety


Speciation of meat

Veterinary Surgery and Radiology

Rupture of cruciate ligament ppt

The affection of Tendon and Tendon Sheath ppt

Audio clip on Physiotherapy in animals

video clip class surgery

Audio clip on Classification of fractures

1. Castration and Vasectomy

2. Extirpation of Eye Ball

3. Gastrotomy

4. Cervical Oesophagotomy

5. Shock and Hyper alimentation ppt

Video lecture on Anatomy of long bones by Dr. BP Shukla

Video lecture on Aetiology of fracture by Dr. BP Shukla

Audio lecture on Perineal hernia

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