THEILERIOSIS Aetiology, Hosts, Distribution, Transmission, DIAGNOSIS, Clinical diagnosis, Differential diagnosis, Sanitary prophylaxis, Medical Treatment & Treatment Abstract

THEILERIOSIS AETIOLOGY Hosts Distribution Transmission DIAGNOSIS Clinical diagnosis Differential diagnosis Sanitary prophylaxis Medical Treatment Treatment Abstract
AETIOLOGY OF THEILERIOSIS Genus: Theileria, Family: Theileriidae, Order: Piroplasmida, Subclass: Piroplasmia, Phylum: Apicomplexa. Theileriae are obligate intracellular protozoan parasites that infect both wild and domestic Bovidae throughout much of the world. Some species also infect small ruminants. They are transmitted by ixodid ticks, and have complex life cycles in both vertebrate and invertebrate hosts Hosts ...
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