CINVEX- Current Indian Veterinary Index PDF


CINVEX- Current Indian Veterinary Index is India’s first and only registered veterinary drug index since 2000. With its unprecedented popularity and usefulness, the information superhighway of Indian drugs grossly divides veterinary practice by information gathering and updating as ‘before CINVEX’ and ‘after CINVEX’.

cinvex veterinary drug index pdf

CINVEX became an instant hit among vets since its first issue’s release in 2000. Now, CINVEX caters to a large group of professionals in this field like veterinary students, practitioners, decision makers in the purchase department or wing of government departments, pharmacists, medical retailers, laboratory technicians, veterinary and medical sales representatives, farm owners, farm managers, farm supervisors, farm consultants, medicine manufactures, pharmaceutical R & D, pet owners, pet shop owners, breeders etc.

For the most of Indian veterinary practitioners, who are not concentrated or focused in a particular sector of practice such as pet animal, small animal, large animal or poultry practices, we introduced the revolutionary all-in-one format. The indications are clearly given with monograms indicating each species. To help the exclusive poultry practitioner, the drugs used in poultry were given special poultry monogram.

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