ICAR AIEEA Question Paper Veterinary Sciences JRF 2011

Download ICAR AIEEA Question Paper Veterinary Sciences JRF 2011. ICAR JRF question papers are available for all streams (ICAR-AIEEA-PG).


  1. Purkinjee cells are seen in
  2. Mammary gland is a type of (gland) – Compound alveolotubular gland
  3. Spur core of the fowl is originated from the fusion of – (Bone)
  4. The unpaired muscle in the body is – Diaphragm
  5. The largest foramen in the body is
  6. The single ear ossicle in fowl is
  7. Rathke’s pouch determines the development of
  8. Duodenal diverticulum is seen in-(spps.)
  9. The only cranial nerve that emerges from the dorsal surface of the brain is
  10. The narrow septum dividing lateral ventricles of the brain
  11. 11. Pancreas is a type of – Exocrine / Endocrine / Both (choose)
  12. Hassal’s corpuscles are seen in
  13. Malpighian corpuscles are in- (organ)
  14. Vater Pacinian is seen in – injury/high temp/low temp/cold (choose)


  1. Pace-maker of the heart – SA NODE
  2. Chief mineralocorticoid seen in mammals is
  3. Hormone that arises from anterior pituitary with similar action of prolactin is
  4. Aldosterone is secreted from – DCT
  5. Hemophilia A is due to the lack of clotting factor
  6. Life span of feline RBC
  7. The instrument used to detect dysfunction of muscle in body
  8. Pepsinogen is secreted from- (cells) CHIEF CELLS
  9. Cells associated with clot formation-THROMBOCYTES
  10. Spps. with normal mature nucleated RBC
  11. Respiration rate in normal healthy horse per minute is
  12. Cholesterol is synthesized from- (compound)
  13. ESR of which spps. is found highest – HORSE

Veterinary Parasitology:

  1. Infectious stage of Moneizia is
  2. 29. Parasite associated through the milk is-TOXOCARA VITULLORUM
  3. Pinworms in equines is- OXYURIS EQUI
  4. Protozoan disease transmitted via the ova of round worm – HISTOMONIASIS
  5. Parasite associated with Vit B12 deficiency –
  6. The smallest and most pathogenic tapeworm of poultry
  7. 34. Furcocercus cercaria is associated with – SCHISTOSOMA
  8. Black disease in sheep is associated with the parasite- FASCIOLASIS
  9. Synonym of Paramphistomosis is- STOMACH FLUKE DISEASE
  10. The biology and epidemiology of kala azar is associated with the flies – .
  11. The tryps transmitted by way of coitus is- T.EQUIPARDUM
  12. Mite causing depluming itch in poultry is- DERMANYSUSS GALLINAE
  13. Punched out ulcer in abomassum is due to -THELERIOSIS

Veterinary Pathology:

  1. Thrush breast heart is mainly associated with –
  2. Bacon spleen is seen in- (type of degeneration) AMYLOID
  3. Pearl stain is used in staining –
  4. 44. Uremia is seen in conjunction with- vomitting/ abdominal pain / ascites (choose the right one)
  5. Counterpart of neutrophils in aves is- HETEROPHILS
  6. Stage of pneumoniae in which clear fibrin thread seen is- STAGE OF RED . .
  7. In Van den Bergh’s test, biphasic reaction is seen in-(type of jaundice) TOXIC
  8. In dermoid cyst-(characteristic feature) ALL 3 GERM LAYERS
  9. In obstructive jaundice blood level is seen elevated- CONJUGATED
  10. Atelectiasis is the collapse of- BRONCHI
  11. Smudge cells are broken-(type of WBC) NEUTROPHILS
  12. Plasma cells are formed from- LYMPHOCYTES
  13. Pseudomelanosis coli is – PM BLACKENING OF INTESTINES
  14. In FMD the lesion accompanies is- Vesicular/Diphtheretic/Necrotic/Ulcerative stomatitis (choose)
  15. Negri bodies are seen in rabies infected cattle in-(site) PURKINJEE CELLS
  16. Bronze discoloration of liver in poultry is the pathognomonic feature of

Veterinary Epidemiology

  1. The smallest area which provides all possible conditions of life –
  2. Constant presence of disease in an area –

Veterinary Microbiology

  1. Immunoglobulin associated with parastic immunity
  2. Hybridoma is the fusion of –
  3. Cause of Black disease in sheep (subtype of bacteria) –
  4. Stormont test is used to diagnose –
  5. ABR test is used for
  6. CAMP test is used to diagnose
  7. LPS is found in-bacteria as antigenic
  8. Viral disease possessing both i/n and i/c inclusion body
  9. The viral disease associated with i/n inclusion body in trachea of poultry is
  10. Watery whites are seen in
  11. Family cervidae is vaccinated using
  12. The antibiotic used for black leg is
  13. Hemolytic uremic syndrome is caused due to – strain of E coli
  14. In 2005-06 the strain of influenza virus that caused the avian inflenza is
  15. Neoplastic diseases of poultry – ALC/MD
  16. Spread of Mareks is via –
  17. Contagious ecthyma spreads by way of-
  18. Autoclaving is done at
  19. Brooder pnuemonia is caused due to
  20. The positive agglutination titre of bovine brucellosis in IU/ml
  21. Experimental animal of choice in Glanders is
  22. Antigenic determinant site is termed as

Veterinary Pharmacology

  1. Site of action of penicillin
  2. Viomycin is originated from
  3. Clavulanic acid is apotent inhibitor of – BETA LACTAMASE PRODUCING BACTERIA
  4. Gunmetal kidney is seen in – Cu toxicosis
  5. Crooked calf syndrome is due to consumption of –
  6. As per Codex Alimentarius the max permissible level of Aflatoxin M1 in ……… milk is
  7. The drug of choice for straining animals in case of defaecation is –
  8. The fungal origin autonomic drug is –
  9. Neurotoxin present in Cobratoxin has the principle –
  10. Novobiocin and TC are used for the treatment of –
  11. Drug used as anthelminthic orally and parentrally –


  1. Anthrax vaccinated animal is to be withheld for a period of – Day before slaughter.
  2. A country when declared to be free from rabies if there is no incidence of rabies for the last –
  3. ‘Green rots in eggs’ is caused by – PSEUDOMONAS


  1. The anion given at the time of pregnancy to prevent milk fever is
  2. Downer cow is seen as a complication to – MILK FEVER
  3. Eclampsia is a nervous disorder and is known as- (motor irritation/ convulsion – choose)
  4. Metabolic acidosis is due to – VOMITION
  5. Colloid used to prevent dehydration
  6. Vitamin E deficiency is manifested as
  7. Vagal indigestion is due to the adhesion of – ( rumen/ reticulum/ omassum/ abomasum – choose)
  8. The daily Vitamin A requirement in cattle in IU/kg
  9. The mineral deficiency associated with parakeratosis in swine is – ZINC
  10. Lactation tetany is mares is mainly due to – CALCIUM
  11. The mineral associated with Vit B12 synthesis is – COBALT


  1. The local anaesthetic used in case of dental surgery is – LIGNOCAINE+ADERNALINE
  2. Propofol anaesthesia recovery in dogs is rapid and smooth
  3. The site for epidural anaesthesia – SACROCOCCYGEAL/INTERCOCCYGEAL
  4. Dilated pupil and fish eye is the feature of IV stage of anaesthesia –
  5. Comminuted fracture can be classified on the basis of
  6. The quality of radiograph depends on
  7. ension band wiring is used in – (type of fracture)


  1. Number of motile spermatozoa in cattle for AI is – 70%
  2. Substance used as cryogen in equine semen is –
  3. Reduced concentration of Spermatozoa is called – AZOOSPERMIA
  4. For the expression of estrus in cattle, oestrogen is secreted from – OVARY
  5. The AI in pigs is done at (site) – CERVIX
  6. The site of AI in cattle is – UTERUS
  7. Endometrial cups in equines are from – (fetal/maternal- choose)
  8. RFM in cattle is said to occur if retained for – ( time in hrs.)
  9. Superovulation in cattle is induced by – (hormone) PMSG
  10. Physiological t1/2 of progesterone is –
  11. The four limbs of the cow if presented in the birth canal is indicative of : Twinning; dog sitting posture; monster; all (choose)
  12. The drug of choice for primary uterine inertia is –
  13. Drug used in sows for the induction of parturition –
  14. The source of Prostaglandins in semen is –
  15. The entry of Spermatozoa to ova is by way of enzyme – HYALURONIDASE
  16. Endocrine cells of the testis is – LEYDIG CELLS
  17. Thawing temperature of frozen semen – 37
  18. The gestation length of cow is – 9 MONTHS

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