Increase Internship Allowance

In 2016 , VCI and state govt. Introduced MSVE-2016 … which altogether changed the pattern of our course including the time period of Internship , which is extended to 1 yr .
also there has been drastic changes in fee structure throughout course ..
It was promised by then Minister of state Dr.Sanjeev kumar Balyan to increase our internship allowance to 15,000 /month . But further there was not any official announcement . Which has created havoc among students regarding allowance .
As financial burden has increased due to COVID -19 , So these questions has become of prime importance .
So , To awake the system we request you to join our tweet campaign
please make a Tweet and Put Screenshots to Our group individually To find some ray of hope in these dark situation . #fight for our rights #

So Tomorrow 12 August all of us must tweet the following along with these 4 photos below

IMG 20200812 WA0003 • Increase Internship Allowance
IMG 20200811 WA0019 • Increase Internship Allowance
IMG 20200811 WA0021 • Increase Internship Allowance




plzz look into the matter ! @IndianExpress

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