VENDEX f21 The Fundamental Veterinary Index pdf download

VENDEX f21 The Fundamental Veterinary Index pdf download


VENDEX f21 is a carefully handpicked index of Fundamental Level Veterinary Medicines meant to work as a Pocket Guide for Field Vets.

VENDEX f21 tries to cover the basic and fundamental day to day veterinary medicines commonly required/used in the field.

VENDEX f21 is divided into 3 primary categories/sections on the basis of animal types commonly handled in the field, i.e. Livestock, Pet and Poultry, so that it is easier to refer to.

VENDEX f21 additionally covers the common vaccination schedule followed for Livestocks, Dog and Poultry


It may not follow any international or national indexing norms or guidelines, but, if you are a Vet, who is new to the field of veterinary practice and are confused by the overwhelming world of veterinary medicine, or have been out of practice for a long time and want a brush-up of the fundamentals, or just need a ready and quick reference of the basic veterinary medicines commonly used, VENDEX f21 is the right guide for you and you will definitely like it

As such, VENDEX f21 aims to equip a veterinarian who is new to the field of practice with some basic and fundamental guidance, so that he/she is prepared to meet the challenges in field conditions with confidence.


Handpicked and Indexed by – Dr. Dibjyoti Hanse
B.V.Sc & A.H (CVSc, Guwahati), PGDABM (IIM, Ahmedabad)

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