Veterinary Public Health At a Glance

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Overview & Summary ofVeterinary Public Health At a Glance Book

Veterinary Public Health is one of the most important subject in Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry. The book Veterinary Public Health : at a glance is written in a very simple and lucid manner so that everybody can read and understand it properly. The book is useful for scientists, teachers, students, officers, diagnosticians, laboratory technicians, public health professionals and medial personnel associated directly or indirectly associated with research, teaching, training, extension, diagnosis, epidemiology and control of zoonotic and food borne diseases. Zoonotic diseases are of great public health significance and recent emergence of a number of diseases have caused a number of casualties. This book will provide detailed and up to date information of all the zoonotic and food borne diseases of various etiologies which are of serious human and animal health threat globally. The objective type questions of various kinds on different diseases have been provided so that students, researchers, examinees, trainees etc can face any challenge with profound confidence. This book will be extremely useful to all the persons who are directly or indirectly involved in human and animal health and their welfare. Finally, all can enrich their knowledge on zoonoses and food borne diseases from the book and can clarify any doubts and concepts very easily and confidently.

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