Guidelines Before Choosing A Dog

Welcome to PetYaari, a platform to share pet and pet care issues. The absolute unselfish, friendly, non-greedy, happy, no expectations over love, stand by in riches and poverty is only the dog. In this, we will be telling you about things you need to consider before adopting a Dog. So, you could face no issues or difficulties in adopting a dog.

Is A Dog Right For You?

s A Dog Right For You?
Is A Dog Right For You?

This question to be asked to one’s self before adopting a dog. A dog is a happy, fun and joyful animal which gives you good companionship. One needs to provide his/her dog all its needs such as diet, shelter, care, medication. Should able to maintain physical and mental well-being.

Are You Right For your dog?

Are You Right For your dog?
Are You Right For your dog?

Consider your lifestyle, Space of home, earnings, cost of feeding, hygiene before adopting a puppy. ensure you provide good care and management to your Dog.

Choosing Puppy Or An Adult?

Consider the following parameters before choosing based on age.


Choosing Puppy Or An Adult?
Choosing Puppy Or An Adult?

Everyone loves to have a puppy. A puppy is not only a beautiful thing in the adoption phase but also a very caring phase. You need to train your puppy to get habituated with you. Train it to listen to your instructions. Train it to go for urination outdoors. To know more about Dog Training Please Click Here.

An Adult

Choosing Puppy Or An Adult?
Choosing Puppy Or An Adult?

The advantage of adult dog over a puppy is they have learned many things before themselves. It may have already developed its personality and so, its a bit difficult to train an adult dog over a puppy. An adult dog may have been dewormed and vaccinated before itself and so, it saves you expenses.

Choosing Male or Female?

Choosing Male or Female?
Choosing Male or Female?

Females go into heat twice a year, so you should be well prepared to look after it during its mensural periods. Not only this, extra care should be taken during pregnancy. When it comes to male, Sometimes Adult male dog is problematic due to hormonal changes.

In addition to this, you should also consider some medical conditions like Uncastrated dogs are more prone to perineal hernia and Old female dogs are prone to mammary tumors

Have a regular Vet-Visit

Choosing PureBreed Dog or Mixed Breed Dog?


PureBreed Dog

If u need fair behavioral traits, then you need to select a pure breed. Consider taking a Certified Breed. One needs to be of that pure breeds are costly. On another hand, pure breed dogs may have inherent health issues due to inbreeding depression.

Mixed Breed Dog

Many of the people are now aware of breed-related health issues and therefore consider to have a mixed breed dog. Mixed Breed dogs are good to consider over Pure Breed Dogs because finding a pure breed is difficult, costly and has inherent health issues.

Why Do You Need A Dog?

why i need a dog
why i need a dog

Ask your self before choosing a breed, by considering your requirements of the dog.

Small-Breed or Medium-Breed Or Large-sized Breed

dog size comparision
dog size comparison


If you are living in a small house or living in an apartment then you have less space for your dog. So, it’s good for you to choose a small-breed dog. You may consider the following small breeds

  • PUG


Medium-sized breeds are ideal for family houses. some of the breeds which fall into this category are



These Breeds generally require high levels of exercise. They also need a large amount of space into consideration with other breeds. These are necessarily not energetic Breeds.

  • German Shepherd
  • Boxer
  • Labrador
  • Great Dane
  • Afghan Hound

Considering Home Space


Home space should be taken into consideration before choosing a dog breed for a happy petting. The minimum sleeping space requirements are

Not less than 10 sq. ft. area Not less than 20 sq. ft. area Not less than 27 sq. ft. area

Pre-Requirements Before Bringing Your Pet

cross-check the following list and make them available before bringing the puppy

  • Dog Basket & Bedding
  • Feeding Bowls
  • Collars and Leash
  • Dog Muzzle
  • Dog Food
  • Dog Treats

Check For Pets Health Condition

Dog Health Check Points
Dog Health Check Points

Examine these check-points before adopting a puppy

  • Nose for any discharges
  • Oral Cavity and check for any dental disorders
  • Eyes and mucous membrane color
  • Ears for ticks and mites
  • Posture to examine any bone deformities
  • Paws for any mall-disturbances
  • Tail for any injury
  • Hips for the hip bone deformities
  • Body Coat
  • Anal Area


Lastly, but no way least, we are grateful to share the above valuable information on Guidelines Before Choosing A Dog and helping you to choose a healthy dog. Thus leads to preventing and controlling canine diseases. After adopting a puppy please do follow deworming and vaccination on a regular basis recommended by your veterinarian.

If you have any more consideration on Guidelines Before Choosing A Dog, then please share them with us in the comment section below. Thank You.

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